Soul Tent

Play is an incredibly important tool across many species including our own – it helps the growing bodies of young animals to develop strength, agility, neurological complexity, and hunting or fleeing skills. But just as importantly, it serves as a model for healthy social engagement and community-building. While we encourage non-competitive physical play among children, the avenues for exploration of play are less common in the adult community, especially as we age.
In the spirit of play, I will introduce you to very fun, active and challenging partner game we sometimes focus on in my holistic movement classes called the Zen Archer. This is a non-violent martial arts-derived game I learned from the Ido Portal Method. It involves learning how to use the body in organic and non-linear ways – the practice will involve a lot of organic strength and spinal mobility work, though is suitable for all ages and abilities, whether you consider yourself strong or not.
Lance Westendarp
I practice here in Houston as a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, herbalist and mindful movement specialist. My movement background is a combination of my work with yoga rooted in the Krishnamacharya lineage since 1999, and more recently over the last four years studying the Ido Portal Method (if you’re curious about it, google it online. The practice is very interesting!). I’ve been teaching yoga and movement since 2003 and graduated from an accredited five-year naturopathic medical and acupuncture program in 2017. My schooling was followed by a primary care naturopathic residency where I worked with a wide range of patients, from kids to adults. I am also board certified in biofeedback and mind body medicine and have done a lot of advanced coursework in orthopedic and physical medicine. As a teacher and healer, my greatest passion and skill lies in helping people to become more aware of and change the habituated physical and energetic patterns that keep them from healing, staying healthy and strong, or achieving their goals and dreams. Through my own journey as a student, patient, doctor and teacher, I’ve come to believe deeply in the power of movement, breathing and stillness to help us become more compassionate and resilient human beings.