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We all walk around with our invisible manual called “The Manual”. This manual outlines the rules for everyone else to follow in order for US to feel happy and complete. If someone does not follow the rule, then we get upset. hurt, angry, etc. and we turn to blaming them for the reason we are unhappy. This talk will focus on the impacts of operating from “The Manual”, the emotional maturity which it support, Emotional Childhood, and what happens when we decide to “drop” The Manual and step into an empowered Emotional Adulthood.
Frank Zendejas
“I had no idea!” Those were the words that rang true for me as I watched Brene’ Brown’s TED talks about shame and vulnerability. I watched her videos on YouTube at the recommendation of my therapist who earlier that afternoon shared “Frank, yes you’re a molestation victim. And, there’s been a lifelong impact. However, what you’re suffering from is Shame Trauma.” “Shame Trauma?” I repeated out load with the obvious tone that I had no idea what that was or meant.
I followed up my massive dose of Brene’ Brown YouTube videos by getting on Amazon and ordered every book, CD, and DVD that she authored. My intense and purposeful therapy and education on Shame Trauma got started. Twenty months later, my therapist and I sat in her office, looking at each other, and arrived at the obvious conclusion that this was it. Today was my last session. I had traveled the path, learned, put into practice, shared, and triumphed through my Shame Trauma.
I learned to put into action the commitment, dedication, work, and pursuit of becoming an integrated man. This meant developing the emotional intimacy that granted me emotional vocabulary. This meant facing my griefs, losses, and past hurts to resolve them — to become emotionally complete. This meant stepping away from the hustles of what “success” use to mean to me and live from a state of vulnerability, boldness, and wholeheartedness. This meant clarity and purpose. This meant dedicating myself to helping others achieve their personal life integration.
This is reflected in my dedication as a Life Coach and in my daily declaration:
“I, Frank, see, hear, feel, and know that my purpose is to lead my life, be complete and wholehearted. That I AM a vessel of the Divine’s gifts and in bold, beautiful, nurturing service to myself and others every day of my life.”
I’ve been leading and coaching on various levels and capacities since 2004. I’m a Board-Certified Coach through the Center of Credentialing and Education, and hold various certifications for a variety of life enhancing disciplines such as:
• Tony Robbins:
o Date with Destiny
o Life Mastery
o Wealth Mastery
o Business Mastery
o Leadership – Wealth Mastery
• Robbins-Madanes Training Core100: Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach
• Grief Recovery Institute: Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
• Peysha Strategic Intervention: Bootcamp, Advanced Elite Master Coaching
• HeartMath: Stress Resilience Coach/Mentor
• Lightyear Leadership: Personal Legacy Instructor
• YogaOne/Yoga Alliance: Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr
• Nia: White and Blue Belt
Currently pursuing and will complete:
• Tony Robbins:
o Leadership – Academy
o Leadership – Date with Destiny
o Senior Team Leader
• Peysha Strategic Intervention: Advanced Relationship Coach Training
• The Life School: Life Coaching
I bring over 25 years’ experience from my corporate career in the technology domain and 15+ from various disciplines as noted above. I’m a dedicated individual, “connection” focused – “I see you. I hear you. I value you.” and I believe that everyone has the ability to integrate their uniqueness to live their compelling future.