Enlightenment Hall

In this provocative talk, we will dive into what personal development really is, what it requires, and why this work is non-negotiable to access our greatest lives. No matter where you feel you are – successful, struggling, or somewhere in between, this talk is intended to break down old barriers and illuminate a world of possibilities, beyond where you currently stand.
Rachel Tenenbaum
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter
2017 Presenter
Rachel Tenenbaum isn’t your typical Leadership and Personal Development coach. An expert facilitator and speaker, Rachel’s life is dedicated to catalyzing transformation for both individuals and corporations. Evolving from an impressive luxury arts career, Rachel, who has a Masters in the Business of Art, started I AM Living in 2015 with a singular mission: ignite those ready to transform their leadership and lives.
Rachel wholeheartedly believes that every individual has immense inert potential, far beyond what they believe is possible. She holds that when we choose to get to know ourselves and shed limiting beliefs, it is then, that we step into our fullest power. As we do so, we not only find peace within but have a hand in creating a more peaceful world.
Blending evidence-based coaching with neuroscience to ground her work, Rachel specializes in developing individuals looking to accelerate their growth and maximize their potential in an intentional, purpose-driven way. Clients include leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as Shell, Stryker, and Christie’s, Non-Profit leaders, Entrepreneurs and hard-working parents and individuals wanting the best for their communities. Her job is to get you what you “actionably” want, and while every client engagement is unique, what remains consistent is Rachel’s expert ability to hear beyond what’s being said, her infectious energy, impeccable curiosity, sharp wit and striking talent for shining light into the shadows. She uses whatever is uncovered to drive laser-focused, sustainable change.
A Professional Certified Co-Active leadership and development coach (PCC, CPCC), and a member of the International Coach Federation, Rachel has over 1,000 hours of coaching experience and is a graduate of CTI’s world-renowned Leadership program. Adding extra depth to her work is 1,000 plus hours of training in mind-body, yoga and somatic experience – scientifically proven to impact leadership effectiveness and development.
In her free time, Rachel teaches yoga on Monday nights and mentors other instructors. A practice she began at 16, she accredits it with saving her life and sanity (!) on multiple occasions. To reset, you can find her on her mat, cuddling with Cooper (her Maltese) or immersed in nature. She is a board member of Ellevate and a leader within the Jewish Federation of North America.