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The benefits of meditation extend beyond the time you spend meditating; they spill over into the rest of your day. In fact, a daily regular meditation practice has profound effects on your night time wellness. A simple prayerful meditation can help you get the best nights rest while remaining connected to a divine source within your heart. A regular meditation practice optimizes your overall wellness including your mental, physical, and spiritual. Meditation helps us to stay connected to our inner divine nature. A night time prayer meditation can help us connect to our divine nature, which can nourish and charge our being while we fall into a blissful sleep. Come check out our talk to find out how meditation improves sleep and other night time pleasures…
Rad Miryala
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter
Dr. Rad is an expert meditation trainer and natural wellness enthusiast who enjoys spreading the benefits of living a balanced lifestyle through meditation. He is also the founder of iHeart Nature, a very popular natural skin care wellness brand. When he is not helping others achieve their perfect self through guided meditation sessions or promoting natural wellness lifestyles, he works as an Emergency Medicine Physician in Deer Park at Community Health 1st ER.
Dr. Rad is also actively involved with the Heartfulness Institute as a meditation trainer. He hosts weekly group meditation sessions in his home and various other locations throughout the Houston area. He is an avid speaker and has given talks to churches, corporations, and community organizations on wellness, meditation, holistic health, happiness, etc. He has been passionately involved as a volunteer with the Heartfulness Institute for over 20 years where he has been involved in various projects including writing articles, hosting meditation conferences, developing curriculum, etc.