Empowerment Hall

What have you been told  – by your parents, by society, or even by you to yourself – that has shaped and limited your life? What have you agreed to, knowingly or unknowingly that has you living version 1.0?

 “You’re no genius,” was said repeatedly to the girl who wound up winning the McArthur Fellowship (a.k.a the genius grant). “You have no aptitude for singing,” said to the boy who later became Elvis Presley. And what about Fred Astaire who was told he couldn’t act, sing OR dance mere years before he became a star?  From Einstein to Sidney Potier to Henry David Thoreau, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet and thousands more, the list is endless.

Think of a particular limitation in your life … perhaps that you are not creative (often told as “you are left brain dominant”) or that have no physical aptitude? Whatever the limitation, yes, THAT one… what would it be to remove it?

Together we’ll discuss 4 ways how, so that you – just like the boy who was also told he wasn’t gifted in math – can truly excel (P.S. he’s now quite literally a premier rocket scientist).