YOUniverse Stage

Kundalini Breathwork Activation Series to awaken the Life Force within. (30min)
Mantra Meditation (15min)
Jenna Lee Prince
I’m a personal trainer, kundalini yoga level 1 teacher and yoga mantra chanter/singer. I discovered a deeper love and devotion to the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the MAGIC of mantra chanting/meditation when it became the healing cure for my mental health. Since discovering the healing magic of mantra chanting, it has become clear to me that my role on the planet is to SHINE LIGHT and LOVE through the healing power of my voice with mantra. I’ve been a singer my entire life, but after discovering the power of mantra and the ability to raise the vibration on a room through voice and heart – there was no going back to regular music!
I was certified and trained in Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Chanting under Prabu Nam Kaur and Sat Santohk, the parents to Snatam Kaur.
It is my prayer that through the vibration of sound and song that we can lift one another up and raise consciousness to a new dimension through the collective.
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