Each of us express some aspect of potential from infinite possibilities. In our potential, we can all play out the hero archetype especially when we are presently participating in and care about community and the world’s fate. The Hero’s Journey is the life work of Joseph Campbell. His work invites us into celebration, self-realization, or perhaps an end to strife. We must keep in mind three things: we can succeed, we can fall down or even fail, and we do change over time as we experience life. A hero has courage to stand up, brush off the knees, and keep journeying into the unknown to face each challenge along the way. The Hero’s Journey guarantees that opportunities to learn and grow will arise. We will receive proof of our potential and life purpose if we awaken to the symbolic and archetypal personal myth inside us.  Ultimately, the Hero will face fear by journeying through the thickest of forests and greatest dangers in the jungle of our wildest circumstances and find that things will never be seen or understood the same way again. The Hero’s Journey, through each of us individually and collectively, becomes an akashic footprint we leave behind in this lifetime. Join Jennifer in embracing personal myth in this one-hour exploration of the hero within to cultivate our most purposeful potential in the journey of the hero.