Enlightenment Hall

Life is an adventure of the unknown. We plan. We organize. We do our best to prepare. Yet even those best amongst us whom seem to keep persistent with the 80/20 rule, 80% they control and 20% is what life throws at them. Let’s imagine we all live in that ideal lifestyle of 80/20, what do we do with that 20% of the time where life is chaotic?
Breathe, Surrender, Release
This Ted Talk Style Motivational Inspirational Transformational Presentation is my testimony of Breathing, Surrendering, and Releasing.
I will share my story and techniques I’ve used to become my own healer. It is empowering to give someone the gift of self-healing. All you need is for the seed to be planted and give them the guides in how to nourish it. Then trust and release it to the process, for the harvest will come. While the process is unfolding, I’ll reassure them that it’s not that serious. For humor and joy are our innate divine birthrights. Again, I am allowing the Universe to use my gifts for its Glory and my gift of gab is transformational. Thank you for this consideration. Namaste
Dih-Anah Marie
Why Dih-Anah Marie?
It was a Perfect NY Upstate Saratoga Spring Day of May. Dih-Anah was ready to celebrate this huge stepping stone. Like a passage of right, this day marked a new era as she left her past behind. She was ready to reach for the stars and go forth with dedication, passion and determination towards her future dreams. May 19th 2001 was after all her College Graduation. Walking down to the stage, wearing her Periclean Scholar Sash and Honor Roll chord felt incredible. She had done all that was required and here was proof it all really works. She was on cloud nine believing nothing could knock her down, nothing could break her.
That night in celebration Dih-Anah was about to have her world turn upside down. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine what came to pass. But came to pass it did. Celebrating along with her visiting siblings that came to watch her receive her college diploma, Dih-Anah had one too many drinks. In her drunken state, they had to call it a night. After many stumbles and several throw up visits to the nearest pub bathroom, one of her older brothers and his wife managed to flop her into the backseat and drive her back home to her apartment, where her boyfriend waited –he too was celebrating with his family.
It’s amazing how everything you thought you knew and worked hard to forget can all crash down in what feels like a timeless minute. As my sister in law left the car to get her sleeping kids from my parents’ motel suite, my brother opened the back door to help me throw up again. In the midst of him holding my head and hair, somehow it became him holding my breast and then well penetration. I played dead as If I had passed out. Because what do you do when this shit happens? What do you do when your heart is breaking and someone you love goes to this dark place? What do you do when all you worked for is taking from you in a split of a second?
I tell you what I couldn’t do. I couldn’t walk the life I thought I would walk. I couldn’t just leave college, get a job, marry have kids and pretend this day never happened. So I, Dih-Anah Marie, an ordinary woman who faced extraordinary circusmtances, chose a spiritual healing path, for that day brought back like Tsunami or Fist of Fury into my being all the child molestation I had endured.
My mission which I chose to accept was to become my own spiritual healer. Obsessed with this task, my acting performance dreams where placed on hold. First, I needed to regain my body’s sacredness and power back. I danced for 8 years. Then, I desired my mind and body to connect as one. I practiced yoga until I got certified. Last, I was guided to reach spiritual connection; Vipassana meditation was my breakthrough. Now, I’ve developed a combination of all three. Movement 2 Meditaion Liberation sequences that I give to others. For I am an example of how this heals me. It took me years to get here. The sequences incorporates all three elements to reach liberation that much faster. I’ve asked the Universe to use my Gifts for Its Glory and I know I am meant to share this.