Enlightenment Hall

Healers, teachers and light-workers are givers. Your entire being is about giving of yourself. You give your time, your energy, your resources, and your love to support the well-being of others. Whose taking care of you? At the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows how. Intuitively, you know how much quiet time, sleep, and food you need in order to feel strong enough to continue giving. Do you know how to tap in and hear what it is saying? In this short introduction, Karuna will share some of the tips, tools and strategies she uses to stay healthy, happy and whole while running her Ayurvedic practice.
Please also attend Karuna’s next workshop after the festival called The Ayurvedic Mind on Wednesday, October 23 at The Jung Center.  Check out the details at https://www.facebook.com/events/534052983835526.
Karuna Diedericks
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter
Karuna Diedericks is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda (2007). She has been a practicing consultant in Houston since moving there in 2008. Most of her clients come with one of three issues – poor digestion due to diet, weight issues, or emotional challenges caused by to stress and trauma. Karuna applies Ayurveda, a complex and ancient tradition of natural medicine and healing methods, to offers valuable, time-tested solutions to these and many other health challenges. Her consultations usually give her clients another point of view on their condition and help them find holistic alternatives that target the root cause, not only the symptoms.