Peace Friends, this workshop is a playful, all-levels breakdown and advancement of arm-balances and inversions! Even if you are just beginning your journey with feet in the air, this workshop is for you!

First we will focus on building a foundation of safety and understanding that your practice can rely on. You will make progress in practice, understanding, or safety. Preferably in all three!

We will break down a vinyasa, and how a vinyasa (done right) can bear fruit in your hand-balancing practice! Then we will move deeper via “yogi drills” that you can take home and work on outside of the workshop.

Building off our foundation, we’ll take the approach of finding the ease between balance and strength in Bakasana (crow pose) and all of its cousins~ EPK, 8 Angle, Eka Pada Bakasana up through Handstands.

What to expect:

  • Tips & Drills To Carry Into Home Practice
  • Better Understanding of Vinyasa
  • Crow, EPK I & II, Handstands
  •  Safe Alignment & Practice
  • Warm-Up Flow
  • Good Music
  • Bad Jokes
  • Sweat
  • Q&A

Grab a friend (or all of them) and come learn and play with us! See you soon! ????????‍♂️????