Meditation Bridge sponsored by Castillo Escondido

This is an informal, facilitated drum circle held. It is simply a time to gather and share our energies in Spirit and raise our vibrations through music and making new connections.
All are welcome, whether you play or not! Want to come and listen? You’re invited! Whether you’re a dancer, new to drumming, or just want to hang out; please join us as we bring the community together one drum at a time.
We look forward to playing with you and raising the vibrations in Houston!
Rhythm of Life Drum Circle
Rhythm of Life Drumming LLC was founded on one basic principle…Learning to move through negative emotions in a productive way. It is one of many methods to shift one’s emotional state in a safe and positive manner.
One way to change one’s current emotional state is body movement through rhythm, which immediately changes one’s physiology by producing endorphins, the body’s all-natural pain, and stress reducers. It’s our belief that the opposite of addiction is connection.
Our circles provide an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds, skills, ages, and abilities to come and experience connection one beat at a time.