Red Tent

In this workshop we will be guiding you through balancing the divine Masculine and Feminine qualities within each one of us! Shakti is the divine mother within, and Shiva is the divine father -each one of us holds these two energies within us. Often times they can get out of balance, and create many imbalances within our mental, emotional, and spiritual life.
Together we will engage in the healing power of movement, mindful breathing, and sound healing to rebalance these aspects of ourselves. Houston Healing Circles will be sharing sacred practices that you can do on your own, at anytime, or place to keep these energies flowing at your best capacity.
To begin, we will ignite the Shakti Energy through doing the Shakti Shake. This mindful movement is done through upbeat feminine music, and invites you to dance freely. By moving your body in a joyful way, this will ignite the famine energy within. We will have shakers and instruments that people can use to make this activity more fun and engaging.
Second we will do a pranayama exercise to invite the masculine energy to rise up in a mindful and controlled way. Holding space to feel themselves fully and actively engaging their breath to move the energy. After 9 minutes of this breathing activity we will officially have balance within these centers.
Our Workshop will end with a Sound Healing with all 7 Chakras bowls, sacred songs, and a drum to resonate with the heart beat! This sound session will last 20 minutes and be a expansive and graceful expierence for our guests to reset.
Taraney and Andrea
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter
Houston Healing Circles is a community organization in Houston, Tx focused upon holding sacred space for people to come together and meditate. Through crystal singing bowls, voice toning, drums, and other healing instruments we show others how they can use music as a Healing tool.
Every month Houston Healing Circles gathers for donation based sound healing circles, where people form all walks of life can come together in the name of relaxation, community, and healing. Their purpose is to raise not only the quality of life of those in Houston, but to also raise the actual vibration of our City.
The leaders, Andrea Stender and Taraney Vigil are trained energy practitioners, sound healers, and together they have degrees in Psychology and Art Therapy. During their presentation at the Youniversoul Fest, they will bring forward a profound expierence intertwining their many disiplines -leaving you feeling better than you came!