Empowerment Hall

Financial wellness that enables individuals, families, and businesses to achieve balance. As a society, we don’t talk about money often, though we should. If what you eat, how you move, and how you take care of your mind is integral to your physical and emotional wellness, then how you spend and save money is crucial to your financial wellness. Brett Harmeling and his team set people up for success by helping them learn to understand and talk about money. They will share the 5-steps on how to a build a Strategic Money Plan. You will leave with an understanding of how to spend, save, invest, pay off debt, and get financially organized all at the same time. This workshop will be lead by community-builder, visionary, and wellness advocate, Brett Harmeling and his team. A COORDINATED AND INTEGRATED APPROACH TO YOUR SUCCESS
At White Rhino Financial, we house a team of professionals who share a commitment to doing the right thing for our clients, knowing that people matter, while holding ourselves to the highest of standards.

Our mission is to use our skills and financial knowledge to help you and those important to you enjoy financial security and prosperity throughout your lifetime. Your success is our success – and we work tirelessly to create the right strategies to optimize your wealth building potential and financial well being.

At White Rhino Financial, we offer an array of specialized strategies that will address virtually all of your financial needs. The Living Balance Sheet® is one state-of-the-art planning tool that sets us apart. It provides you with a detailed, holistic view of your financial world at any given time and helps us work with you to model and address a variety of financial scenarios and outcomes.

Knowing how quickly events can change, we stay abreast of current legislation and trends, and how they might impact your financial future.

Also presenting is Josh Hohenstein. Josh is a military veteran, financial advisor, and awarded public servant. He began his professional life by enlisting in the U.S. Army at 18 years old and served for nearly a decade in combat fighting units across the globe. He deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of special operations and reconnaissance ground units. Over his career he received over 30 awards for performance and valor in action, including the Army’s highest award for leadership. In 2015, he departed service and started his career as a financial advisor in his hometown of Houston. Josh has a deep conviction for helping others see past the obvious answer to find more powerful conclusions. While in service he volunteered over 2 years to financially counsel over 300 U.S. Army families. The skills and compassion he developed coaching, mentoring, and leading American warriors propelled him to the front-line of protecting the financial futures of all Americans who are committed to achieving their goals. Over Josh’s career, his attention to detail and unwavering discipline has helped over 500 families sleep better at night.