Enlightenment Hall

It is time for us to shift how we do business. People vote for what they to see more with there dollar, consumers are wanting more from companies. In this talk we will go over how being radically responsible for our actions as a business owner and allowing for collaboration within the community is one of the fastest ways your business will find success. Conscious Business is more than just a movement it is becoming the new standard.
Brittany Hill
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter
I am passionate about empowering everybody to create their happiest, most fulfilling life. I believe change comes by consciously stepping out of crisis and limiting beliefs into your most vulnerable, powerful self, by surrounding yourself with your tribe, and allowing your higher self and innate wisdom to guide you back onto your path.
Tri.be was inspired During the time I spent in New Zealand over the past 6 years. When I was there I saw how the health and wellness industry really created community and I made it my missions to help serve my community and support holistic and wellness practitioners who share my mission. I am an entrepreneur, yoga, aerial yoga and barre instructor, energy worker/bringer. I make it my mission to help other recognize and share their medicine.