Enlightenment Hall

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We have all heard this “life lesson”, but what does it mean? Let’s explore courage over comfort.
April Fort
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter
I’ll give you a hint, the door is always open. Even when you think the door is locked tight, no way out, completely stuck- it’s open. This is what yoga has shown me, and this is what I want to share with others. The knowledge that you have everything you need at your fingertips and transformation is yours for the taking. That we are all connected on the same journey but different paths. My journey started on my mat, but what I learned while practicing was that yoga never ends there. Each breath you take is pranayama, each movement is asana, your life is a flow that travels with you if you’re present enough to see it. That is what I want to share with my students, with everyone in my life- the ability to be in the moment, to connect, and to live a life you don’t need a vacation from.
My goal is to show every person I work with, whether privately, in class, or training, that they are in control of their own life. That by learning to control their breath, by taking charge and disciplining their bodies on the mat, they can take that same energy, that same conviction, to change their lives. That being able to hold their Warrior 1 for five more breaths can give them the strength to take that first step to achieving their dreams. The door is wide open if you chose to try the knob.