Enlightenment Hall

A presentation about how composting is the most compassionate act we can engage in daily as a thank you to Mother Earth for the food we eat and the organic materials we generate to make life simpler as we create nutritious humus to keep the soils of Mother Earth fed.
Compost heals our soils. Compassion heals our spirits. Combined, compost and compassion can heal our communities.
Adryn Marie
Adryn C. Mari is a queer-identifying, POC feminist who moved to Houston back in 2016 with the mission of deepening their spiritual connection with Mother Earth through agriculture. By day, Adryn nurtures the earth through farming and volunteer engagement at Hope Farms in the Sunnyside community. By night, Adryn is a practicing yogi, art model, dancer, and puzzle enthusiast who can be found, on select nights, playing the happy drum in neighborhood parks. Adryn is passionate about connecting all people with naturally grown food because food is the medicine available to us all and sharing the compassionate joy of creating compost. Adryn has volunteered with Youniversoul Fest for the last two years and this will be the first time they attend the festival as a guest speaker.