Enlightenment Hall

We are being guided and protected by higher dimensional beings all the time. They are aiding in earth’s ascension and are eager to watch us awaken to our true potention. Many of us have connections to these beings because they are another aspect of our soul’s blueprint. For example, I left my home in the Pleiades star cluster to incarnate on Earth and help raise the planets frequency. But I am not the only one who has done this. Many of you are starseeds and came here with a mission. You just have to remember who you truly are. The Pleiadian’s are Just one race that are aiding us. There are also the Arcturians, Blue Avians, Andromedans, Syrians, and Annunaki. Once we begin to awaken to who we truly are, and accept our galactic brothers and sisters we will open the door to full disclosure and first contact.
Katie Kell
My name is Katie Kell and I am a Reiki healer and Pleiadian starseed. My goal is to raise awaresness about our galactic brothers and sisters from a place of love and not fear. I also enjoy helping people awaken to their own souls journey and purpose as a starseed.