Enlightenment Hall

This presentation is all about embracing one of the most important parts of the journey to unconditional self-love. Making friends with your mess means working through your mess instead of hiding from it. It means turning on your curiosity and sitting with it, instead of suppressing it. Making friends with your mess means acknowledging your darkness with the same amount of compassion in which you acknowledge your light. It’s knowing that a great deal of your light is created inside of the parts of you that you wish to deny. Making friends with your mess means living a life full of acceptance for all of your magic, not just some of it.
Through this presentation I hope to shine some light on the topic of darkness and encourage others to embrace all parts of who they are and how they got here.
Jen Lee
Jen Lee is a courageously imperfect student, teacher, and speaker. For almost a decade, Jen has been inspiring students to create a deeper connection to the innate wisdom of their bodies through yoga and meditation.
Though Jen has attended numerous trainings and workshops from around the world, she believes that a great amount of her ability to foster community comes from her diverse life experiences. Jen’s intention is to hold the kind of space where each person feels free to be unapologetically authentic.
Aside from teaching Jen is a mom to her son Parker and Goldendoodle Luna. She is an aspiring author who loves to serve others by sharing her heart each time that she puts pen to paper. She enjoys collecting road trips, and the kind of moments that pictures can’t capture. Jen is committed to living her truth. She will encourage you to do the same by showing you what it means to feel the fear as you make the choice to lean towards love.