Soul Tent

Pita would guide a yoga class leaving participants refreshed and revitalized. Her classes are a combination of conscious body movements (Asanas) and guided breath (Pranayama), sprinkled with inspiration, yoga philosophy, and more! She believes that yoga goes beyond a workout of the body, but extends to the bring flexibility and strength to the heart and mind too!
Pita McGregor
Pita found yoga 17 years ago and since then it has been a journey of self-love, exploration, and deep connection for her. Her personal growth through yoga led her to create Heart-ga Yoga, a movement which stands for Yoga from the Heart. Which inspires people from all walks of path not just practice yoga, but to live from the heart.
Pita has made it her mission to share her practice and message with the intention of positively enhancing the lives of others and has trained with yoga schools in Los Angeles and India. Her classes are a combination of a variety of different yoga practices she has been most inspired by, such as pranayama, hatha, kriya and Bhakti (the yoga of devotion) yoga. Whether you’re a beginner or have had a steady practice for years, you should expect to leave the class feeling refreshed, flexible, and open not just in body but also in your mind and most importantly in your heart!