Art Gallery sponsored by Memorial Heights Emergency Center

A collection of original, cloudscape aesthetic and other abstract oil paintings available for sale with cash, Venmo, Paypal or via Etsy shop.
Lydia Jackson
Lydia Jackson is a Houston-born performing and visual artist who dabbles in a variety of creative pursuits. From a very young age, Lydia has been making art in some form or another—whether it was tie-dyeing paper towels with watercolors, having her elementary school art projects featured in a city-wide showcase, or her high school art class getting the chance to have their own Basquiat-inspired exhibition of prints displayed at MFAH through a special co-op program. Lydia has thrived in artistic spaces, and art has had an indelible impact throughout her life and has been invaluable in shaping who she is and how she views the world.
Her recent efforts in visual arts have mainly been focused in oil painting.
Learning the basics of landscape oil painting techniques by following along with the instructional videos of the legendary Bob Ross, she then began utilizing those techniques to create more abstract and ethereal landscapes to satiate the musings of her vast imagination. Having always been obsessed with and entranced by the awe-inspiring works of art that can be witnessed almost daily in the great canvas of our own skies—sunsets, sunrises and cloudscapes are some of Lydia’s favorite sources of inspiration. Lydia currently lives and works in Houston and, when she’s not fixing typos at her full-time job or brainstorming her next painting, she enjoys making music, acting, doing yoga (at Republic Aerial Yoga, of course), and spending time in nature with her literal angel of a dog, Macy.