Brett Harmeling
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter

Brett Harmeling was born and raised on a farm in Oostburg, WI. He began his professional life after college in Chicago as a Real Estate Broker and Technology Consultant. In 2012 he was offered a career opportunity in Houston where he still resides today. Brett’s passion has always been service to others. Through innovation, committed listening, and self-leadership he has dedicated his life to helping individuals access their full potential by achieving balance on and off the mat. What Brett realized was the traditional planning model in most of the U.S. firms is just simply not enough to help people WIN, and so he committed his life to doing it the right way, even when it’s uncommon and challenging. He knew there was a better way to protect and help his clients and found White Rhino Financial. His firm was consciously generated by advisors from across the industry who all witnessed the same thing after the 2008 financial crisis and so they decided to change the game by helping people rethink wealth and solve the unknown.