Brittany Hill
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter

“My epiphany “happened” to me when I became pregnant at age 20. I had overcome a few health issues and abuse through self-destructive coping mechanisms. And here I was, facing my biggest reality check ever. It was time to consciously choose my path; my son needed me to be the mother he deserved. So I became her.

Today, ten years on, I am passionate about empowering everybody to create their happiest, most fulfilling life, as I have done for me. I believe change comes by consciously stepping out of crisis and limiting beliefs into your most vulnerable, powerful self, by surrounding yourself with your tribe, and allowing your higher self and innate wisdom to guide you back onto your path. I share how I did this and how you can too.

I am an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, energy worker, stylist and conscious living mentor. I have owned two successful salons, and worked with top entrepreneurs, philanthropist and celebrities in New Zealand and the USA. I live a kickass life by embracing and creating change everyday, and can help you to be deeply, truly and passionately YOU. Because you deserve nothing less.”