Ferris Family Health and Wellness Center

Medical Services

(713) 909-3028

6706 Ferris St., Bellaire, Texas 77401

Whether you prefer modern medicine, ancient healing wisdom, and practices, or an integration of both, you will find it here at Ferris Family Health & Wellness Center.
Vijay Oza, MD and his partner Sheetal Dalwadi are creating an environment that promotes healing without judgment. Ferris Family Health and Wellness Center offers different healing traditions, including family medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine, alternative medicine, ayurvedic medicine, and acupuncture.
Drawing from a wide range of medical treatments and care philosophies, the team believes that patients should be healed by whichever methods feel best for them. When the mind agrees to the healing modalities it receives the body becomes more receptive to the healing process. They also offer classes and seminars on yoga, essential oils, and various healing practices.
This healing center is designed to begin the healing process as soon as you enter The biophilic design heals through nature, from the live healing plants to the wood grain in the floors to the lavender and sage scents. The team even takes great care to use natural cleaning agents and clears the energy daily.