Melissa Campbell
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter

Founder of the charity organization Menstrual Flux, Melissa Campbell, known as “the tampon fairy” to some, strives to not only provide access to menstrual hygiene items, but to also bring information about menstruation to the people of Houston.  A native Houstonian, Melissa found herself without the guidance of an adult and was responsible for raising herself at a young age where the lack of crucial menstrual education and information left her little options in her own growth into adulthood. After brief stints in various fields, including the typical part-time jobs of youth, Medical Billing and coding, and a longer foray into the corporate world of Houston’s oil & gas industry, Melissa decided that her desire to provide what she lacked in her youth to those in need was her path in life.  Settling into the relative freedom of her other passion, coffee, Melissa started Menstrual Flux in January 2017, by providing menstrual products at no charge in the local coffee shops she worked and frequented.

At Menstrual Flux, our mission is to remove the stigma surrounding menstruation and provide menstrual items to those who are unable to access or afford them. We provide information and education about menstrual health in order to End Period Stigma. Through donations, we supply menstrual hygiene products to low income communities and homeless individuals, as well as emergency menstrual products inside local bars, coffee shops and businesses. We seek to support everyone who gets a period, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or age.