Niroga Institute

Non-Profit Mindfulness Programs

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Niroga Institute, named as 1 of 10 Champions of Children’s Wellbeing by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Ashoka Changemakers, has provided its trauma-informed, stress resilience Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind) program to underserved children and youth since 2005 to promote equity in education. Youth of color from low-income communities experience disproportionately high chronic stress, which impairs mental, behavioral, and social-emotional wellbeing by a) heightening vigilance and threat perception, b) limiting the ability to self-regulate emotions, and c) harming cognitive functions that are essential to learning. In response to chronic stress and trauma, youth adapt behaviors that are often seen by teachers as disruptive, disengaged, or dangerous. Niroga’s DMind program systematically applies A) mindful action (movement) for stress resilience, B) breathing techniques for emotion regulation, and C) centering practices for focused attention. Field-tested with over 65,000 K-12 students and 13,000 educators, probation officers, and mental health professionals, Niroga’s DMind program provides a scientifically validated method for developing stress resilience and social-emotional skills to increase student academic engagement and wellness.