Patty Fadhouli
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter

Patty Fadhouli, daughter of Iraqi immigrants, spent her career in the worlds of high tech and fashion – making brands look good by day, and social butterflying it by night. She thought the only thing left to do to “live out her fairy tale” was to find a husband and lose a few more pounds. A move to a tiny town in Idaho for another job showed her how far off base she really was. Most ruts aren’t made of R-rated scandal, they are typically the common place life situations and habits right under our nose, and in Patty’s case, in her closet. Her rut had manifested in the form of the 6000lbs of clothes, shoes, and accessories, delivered to her lakefront condo rental in Idaho. That’s where the story, and the heavy lifting really begins. New opportunities need space to root, grow, and flourish. Patty spent the next year evaluating what she had to let go to grow. Applying her critical thinking skills and creativity to her own life, she emerged a hiker, a skier, a sailboat racing assistant…and 4000lbs lighter.