Ranjit Sundaramurthi
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter

Ranjit discovered a knack for dancing about a decade back. However, the seeds of inspiration were everpresent having been brought up in India where dancing is diverse as an artform.
From the cultural dances specific to each state to the more common cinematic dancing, Ranjit was inspired and adopted it as a hobby at the age of 22.

With growing experience Ranjit performed on stage with Flyerz Dance Company, Chennai (India). Though he came to the US for his graduate studies in engineering, he continued to develop his skills in Cinematic dancing by being a significant dance team member for his College Bollywood dance team. He relishes performing solo as it provides him the freedom to express his own movements. He realized this through successful solo performances at OSU talent show (2011), and Peoria Indo-American Festival (2012).

His effort is to consistently learn from local dance forms and imbibe them in his own movements as they seem to fit the music. While working in Houston, he has devoted his spare time to expand his skills in Cinematic dance, Salsa pair dancing and Salsa Footwork with several team performances through Rhythm India, Infused Performing Arts, Amaya Dance and Casino Stars dance companies.

With this performance Ranjit aims to entertain the public at the YOUniversoulfest with movements to music that transcends linguistic boundaries.