Wayne Campbell
YOUniverSOUL Fest 2018 Presenter

Wayne is the 2017 USA National Yoga Asana Gold Medal Champion (Men’s 50+ Division) and Bronze Medal Champion at the 2018 USA National Yoga Championship.  He is also a Qualifier for the 2018 International Yoga Championship in Beijing, China, December 1-2, 2018.

Wayne founded the Texas Yoga Asana Showcase as an opportunity for aspiring yogis to demonstrate, inspire, and perform on stage in a non-competitive environment.  Performing yoga asanas on stage takes the yogi’s yoga practice out of the studio and onto the stage.  On stage is a very different environment from a yoga studio, therefore it takes a lot of courage to venture on stage to demonstrate and perform.

Wayne is a Native Houstonian and Owner of Urban Fit Yoga Houston in Houston, Texas.  He is a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher.  Wayne is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of Texas Thai Sports Massage.

Wayne’s journey as a healer began after experiencing a life-changing event.  His dance career ended when he over flipped while doing a backflip on a concrete sidewalk and landing on his tailbone/sacrum.  While his dance career was over, his healing career began as Wayne went on to develop a system of stretches that would become his Stretch Flow Yoga, which is taught at his yoga studio, Urban Fit Yoga Houston.  These stretches have helped Wayne to eliminate chronic pain and tightness and are what Wayne uses to prepare and train his body everyday as a Yoga Athlete.

Wayne has helped professional, amateur, and collegiate-level athletes, as well as many clients living with chronic muscle, tendon, and joint pain.  He believes that stretching and yoga are essential to the health and longevity of any athlete or anyone seeking to live a pain-free life. His unique STRETCH FLOW YOGA allows for amazing results in the relaxation and opening of tight muscles, tendons, and joints.  “A flexible muscle is much stronger than a tight contracted muscle.  These stretches will increase flexibility, mobility, release tension, eliminate chronic pain & tightness, compliment a person’s yoga practice by allowing the body to go deeper into each yoga pose, and help the body’s natural energy flow more freely.