Wi Philosophy

In our quest to find the innovative business X-factor, we understood that success without fulfillment was a failure; it was then when we discovered our Wi Passion. Objects and spaces may impact people’s lives but beyond that is the connected people who are the factor for higher influence. It was then when we set ourselves to help build a Worldwide network with the commitment to design the Ultimate life’s purpose. The purpose is our passion.


Wi Culture

Wi+CoWork creates an environment community-based to enhance all business scenarios where the actual and future business leader will utilize our pool of resources to launch business ideas, life purposes, projects, and in general all type of Activities that will ensure success, progress, happiness, sense of contribution but above all, high levels of Business positioning and Profit based visions and passions.

Wi are a Toxic-free Work environment, we clean all of our facilities with Biodegradable, Ammonia-free, recycled materials that do affect our health and the environment. Wi care for you the same we care for us, alkaline water, Organic drinks, recycle systems and re-purpose of things and materials within our offices. Bike to work, exercise and learn more about our incentive program for Bike use.