Sponsor and Vendor Agreements and Guidelines

Sponsor and Vendor Registration Deadline

In order to ensure a smooth festival, all sponsor/vendor applications, signed agreements, graphics, and payments must be executed by the end of the day on August 19, 2019.  Please plan accordingly and contact our sponsor/vendor team early to ensure your festival commitment.

Sponsor and Vendor Registration Procedure

  • Review all the sponsor/vendor agreements, guidelines, and information.
  • Decide on a sponsorship level
  • Submit sponsor/vendor application, signed agreement, and graphics at YOUniverSOULFest.com.
  • You will be contacted by a member of our sponsor/vendor team members to answer any additional questions and get final approval of your application.
  • Submit payment.
  • Attend the sponsor/vendor meeting prior to the festival.
  • Come to festival and have an amazing day.

Sponsor and Vendor Meeting

All sponsors and vendors attending the day of the festival will be required to send a representative to a mandatory meeting the weekend before the festival.  This will allow us to finalize festival logistics, discuss setup and teardown, give assigned vendor booth locations, distribute entry badges, and answer any final questions.

Sponsor and Vendor Badges

Sponsors and vendors will be assigned badges based on the sponsorship level.  A list of names must be submitted prior to the sponsor and vendor meeting to receive badges at the meeting.  Badges must be worn at all times on the day of the festival.  Any sponsor or vendor discovered sharing badges will be removed from the festival.

Vendor Love

YOUniverSOUL is dedicated to maximizing the vendor experience at our festival.  Our team members have been vendors at numerous festivals and understand the common frustrations associated with the vendor experience.  We will be implementing several methods to maximize engagement with vendor booths including strategic booth placement, stage announcements and vendor-donated raffle prizes, dedicated vendor times, vendor-hosted guest services (e.g. bag check), and a “local loteria” where the more vendor booths an attendee visits, the greater chance they will have to win raffle prizes.

Vendor Booth Set-Up Time and Procedure

In an effort to have all vendor booths set up and fences enclosed at the opening of the festival at 10 am, vendor load-in will be the morning of the festival between 7-9 am.  Booths must be decorated and ready by 9 am.  During the vendor meeting prior to the festival, specific load-in instructions will be distributed.  Please provide your own carts/dollies.  Only those with sponsor/vendor badges will be allowed in during this period.  For larger load-ins, the surface drive behind the stage may be accessible but must be noted ahead of time on the sponsor/vendor application and must be coordinated with and approved by YOUniverSOUL.  All vendor vehicles must them be moved out of loading area and to surface or garage parking.
Vendors are highly encouraged to decorate booths in a creative fashion.  There will be a prize for best-decorated booth.

Vendor Booth Tear-Down Time and Procedure

To encourage maximum engagement, the earliest tear-down time is 8 pm, at the close of the festival.  All sponsor/vendor items must be removed by 9 pm.  Specific load-out instructions and path will be discussed at the sponsor/vendor meeting prior to the festival.

Vendor Booth Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Vendors will be provided with a covered, shaded, 8-foot table, and two chairs per 10’x10′ space . Vendors must supply their own table cloths, banners/signage, and booth-specific lighting for the evening hours (the park will have ambient lighting after dusk).
  • All vendor will operate within a 10’x10’ area around vendor table. If vendor booth setup requires more space, a second vendor booth must be purchased prior to the deadline.
  • Electrical outlets will be available behind most vendor booths for low-amperage items. Please note any electricity requirements on the online vendor application form.  If in doubt, please confirm with YOUniverSOUL prior to deciding on booth logistics.  YOUniverSOUL reserves the right to terminate any electrical use that may create a hazard or overload the circuits for other vendors.
  • Internet access WILL NOT be provided. Please make sure to plan booth logistics accordingly (e.g. credit card processing, website display at booth, etc.)
  • Parking fees are the responsibility of the sponsor/vendor. YOUniverSOUL does not provide parking spaces or parking passes.
  • Trash/recycling/compost areas will be provided throughout the festival grounds.
  • Vendors are responsible for their own booths and the security of their commercial and personal items. YOUniverSOUL assumes no liability, responsibility, or risk for vendor possessions.
  • Though there may be some flexibility in determining the location of a vendor booth for the day of the festival, YOUniverSOUL reserves the final right to assign vendor booth locations to ensure proper festival logistics.
  • Any pyrotechnic or flammable displays, demonstrations, or products are strictly prohibited.

Additional Food Vendor Guidelines and Responsibilities

  • Food vendors must have the capability and human resources available on the day of the festival to efficiently service 500-1000 people in a potentially short lunch rush window.
  • Food vendors must obtain and submit a valid Mobile Food Unit Permit or a Temporary Event Permit for Harris County in online application.
  • Food vendors must comply with all ordinances pertaining to food and may be subject to inspection by festival staff in addition to or in conjunction with the county food inspector.
  • Food vendors must comply with all fire code ordinances.
  • Food vendors are encouraged to minimize the environmental impact of the festival by providing creative solutions for serving containers, utensils, and napkins (e.g. recycled, minimalist, eco-friendly)

Items Prohibited For Sale

  • Unpackaged food items. If you wish to sell served food items, please inquire about becoming a food vendor.
  • Non-plant-based food items. YOUniverSOUL Fest promotes a plant-based lifestyle and therefore all vendors must be in congruence.
  • Non-family-friendly items. Any item deemed pornographic or violent in nature is strictly prohibited.

Promotional Consent

Sponsor/vendor hereby irrevocably consents to the use of Sponsor/vendor’s image (by means of photograph or any other likeness of Sponsor/vendor), voice and name, either in whole or in part and in any and every form, style, size or color, and any related biographical material of Sponsor/vendor, edited as YOUniverSOUL may deem appropriate, by YOUniverSOUL and its agents, licensees, nominees, affiliates, successors and assigns (including print, broadcast, television, radio, electronic (including Internet), outdoor (including billboards) and any other advertising media now in existence or hereafter created), for advertising, publicity, business, trade or art purposes or any other purpose. Sponsor/vendor agrees that Sponsor/vendor’s image may be used either alone and/or in conjunction with sketches, cartoons, captions, films, artwork, textual matter or other photographs. YOUniverSOUL will have all rights to register copyrights and renewals thereof in all materials utilized by YOUniverSOUL pursuant to this Agreement. Sponsor/vendor understands that Sponsor/vendor will receive no payments or royalties. The consideration for Sponor/vendor’s signing this Agreement is the promotional value that Sponsor/vendor may receive from YOUniverSOUL’s promotional campaign. YOUniverSOUL will not be required to use Sponsor/vendor’s image, voice or name for any minimum amount of advertising.

Promotional Items

Sponsors and vendors attending the festival are encouraged to distribute promotional items but are asked to consider the social and environmental impact of the items and encouraged to be creative in the solution.  All sponsors and vendors are encouraged to donate items for the volunteer thank you bags to be given to all the festival volunteers.  These items will be collected on the day of the sponsor and vendor meeting the week before the festival.